We can cover your smokers — All shapes, sizes and styles.

Lone Star Grillz - 24x36 — DELAWARE

LSG 24x36 - Pappas- DE

PitMaker Safe 3 — TEXAS

PitMaker Safe 3 - Kimble-TX

Trailer Smoker Covered — TEXAS

Trailer Smoker CoveredTX

Engelbrecht 1000 — NEW MEXICO

Bauer -1000- NM

Lone Star Grillz - 24x36 — TEXAS

LSG- 24x36 - Wake-TX2_edit

LSG - Mini Cabinet — TEXAS

LSG Mini Cabinet- Chris -TX

Engelbrecht, Lone Star Grillz, Lang, Gator Pit, Klose, etc.

Covers all have a 10-year workmanship warranty!
We have patterns and measurements for most models.
Email us a note or a photo and Length/Width measurements
and we will send you a quote.

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