Outdoor Kitchens

Looking for an outdoor kitchen cover? We can cover your large kitchens and islands including “L”, “U” and “winged” styles.

L Islands — NEW YORK

Custom Covered L-Shaped Island


L Island outside in CA

U-Island Cover

U Island- 8384

Short Skirt — TEXAS

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Covers

Pizza Island — CALIFORNIA

Outdoor Pizza Oven Covers

Curved Island — CALIFORNIA

Custom Outdoor Island Covers

Order your custom outdoor kitchen cover today!

  • Covers are reinforced in wear areas
  • Zippers for easy on/off
  • All have straps to hold snug
  • All have a 10-year warranty!


Email us a photo and Length/Width measurements and we will send you a quote. If not sure how to measure just send us a couple of photos. We will mark the measurements we need to send you a quote. Email us.

We can cover your “BGE” , Kamado and Primo Grills!

Covers are reinforced for the top of the “egg” and dome and all have straps to hold snug.

Covers all have a 10-year warranty! Use the form below and we will send you a quote.